Bespoke Jewellery

At Peter George Banks we offer an exceptional and unique service. We are capable of making your dreams come true. We can do individually tailored jewellery, including diamond jewellery that is ‘designed by you and set exclusively for you’ by us at Peter George Banks. Our state-of-the-art design service presents a virtual viewing experience that is bespoke and exclusive to you. Our photo-realistic computer software has 3D visualisation to create the piece of jewellery she will never want to take off. Then working closely with our workshop we have a mould produced for you to see the mock up of your jewellery in real life. Only once you are totally happy with the design, price and fit will we go ahead to make your item a reality.


No more hunting endlessly for the jewellery of your dreams. Let us create a design for you, right in front of your eyes.

At a touch of a button you can browse a massive ‘virtual library’ of shape and gem size, metals and eras. Vintage or contemporary, there are no restrictions to what we can do.

You can use your own existing gems or we can show you collections of the best diamonds and statement coloured stones. Let us trigger your imagination.

Once a base design is selected we can instantly perform 3D alterations such as shank width, side stones design, gem colours and much much more. As the changes take place the 3D image adjusts automatically in real-time immediately on the screen. With the touch of a button we can try different stone size to achieve your budget and then print a quotation for you to take home.

The interactive design process allows you to view images of your design from any angle and the unique ‘try on’ feature lets you place your ring designs on a virtual hand so you can imagine the finished piece.

You can even select skin tone or nail polish colour and print a photo quality image to take away! 

We will save and update your own personal portfolio which can be accessed, amended or printed at any time.

Whether your dream is a statement ring, an engagement ring with matching wedding bands, or a unique earrings with pendant; you are limited only by your imagination!

We can help you reach the moment when you say ‘That’s exactly what I want!’

Then our team of technical experts and traditional craftsmen will combine the principles of design excellence and the highest quality engineering to create your uniquely beautiful ring made and designed especially for you.

Diamond jewellery designed in-house.

White gold pendant made to order for a loyal customer.

Wax mould cast before proceeding in gold.

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