Client Jewellery

 Pre-owned & Part Exchange


        We have an ever changing selection of quality pre-owned jewellery and luxury brand watches 

        for purchase or part-exchange,

        all of which have been checked for security and operability by our experts.


Our specialists carry out a full service on all watches; each part is examined closely including bracelets and clasps. Any damaged or worn parts are repaired or replaced to ensure the timepiece you purchase is in perfect working order.


We have many rings with precious and semi-precious stones and a selection of vintage items such as brooches, bracelets and pins.


All previously enjoyed items are security checked with authenticity verified to confirm their gold content and that a watch is the genuine brand. Before display the jewellery undergoes cleaning and polishing to restore its original brilliance without compromising the integrity of the piece.


Watches are priced according to their age, condition and demand within the pre-owned watch market. Each has the individual serial number security checked and verified to guarantee their authenticity and confirm the watches are the genuine brand. Our pre-owned watches come with a 12 months warranty, covering any mechanical failure.


Our reputation of 80 years means that you can buy securely and with confidence. We would be delighted to talk to you on the phone, in person or by email if you need friendly and impartial advice.


Peter George Banks Jewellers welcome part-exchange on all our watches and are always looking to purchase quality timepieces. Please contact us for a free quotation if you have any items you no longer wish to keep.







Remodelling Service



Your own gold or stones, inherited or unused, perhaps with sentimental value can be redesigned and remodelled into new and exciting designs. Remodelling will bring your jewellery back to life.


With our expertise in remodelling jewellery and our high standards of craftsmanship, Peter George Banks Jewellers will ensure your finished jewellery is treasured for many more years to come. At the Diamond Bar we can create individually tailored jewellery using our 3D state-of-the-art software to deliver a final design that is both unique and meaningful to you.


For more information click here to contact one of our Consultants









Diamond Upgrade Guarantee



When you purchase a piece of fine diamond jewellery from Peter George Banks Jewellers you are secure in the knowledge that should you wish to upgrade the certified diamond to a larger precious stone anytime in the future we guarantee to refund you the full, original purchase price of the stone against the cost of your new exquisite piece.