Complimentary Services

Free 1st Year Insurance  

As part of our service Peter George Banks Jewellers include complimentary first year insurance cover on all jewellery and watch purchases, activated from the moment you leave the store. Our insurance service protects your precious pieces in the event they need to be repaired; if accidentally damaged, or replaced; if lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.  

  The majority of watches in our extensive range automatically carry a 2 or, as in some cases, 3 year manufacturers warranty. Please enquire.    

For more detailed information, terms & conditions or a quotation without obligation please ask in store, phone 01539 722333 or click here to email a personal shopping consultant.

 Free Valuation Service

 At Peter George Banks our jewellery and watch valuations are carried out to a high standard by National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) registered valuers. This qualification is only granted to those working in the jewellery trade with the necessary knowledge, experience and equipment to undertake such work to the exacting standards demanded by the examining body.


Our valuation service is complimentary on all new purchases, please click here for a qualified valuation or appraisal quotation on your existing pieces. A professional jewellery or silver appraisal provides a comprehensive and accurate identification of each piece and an expert opinion of the value, all detailed in a certified valuation document. Our complimentary service specializes in valuations for probate, capital gains tax, family division and insurance that will compensate you in the event of loss. In store our consultants will provide a free valuation certificate with every purchase, detailed and validated for presentation to your insurer. Verbal and written assessments along with jewellery photography, diamond reports and certificates are also part of the Peter George Banks valuation portfolio at your disposal.




Free Insurance Replacement Estimates 


The financial valuation of an item is based on the retail cost of replacing the goods with a reasonable equivalent item at the time of appraisal. In the case of bespoke jewellery this includes the estimated cost of recreating the item exactly to the original design. If an item is damaged, or is in a condition that has a noticeable effect on its value, this will be recorded as part of the valuation description. Peter George Banks offer complimentary insurance replacement estimates carried out to a high standard by National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) registered valuers to the exacting standards of the examining body.  


Can an item truly be replaced? In the event of theft, loss or damage ultimately the success in offering a replacement depends on adequate information for a suitable replacement to be created and offered. These chances are greatly increased when a detailed description is provided, affirming the need for regular valuation/appraisals of your precious items. This is also true if a significant portion of the item remains in tact, for example a replacement stone could be mounted in the remaining setting or a new setting manufactured for a remaining stone and a missing earring matched to the one in possession.  



Free Personal Shopper Service  


Peter George Banks Diamond, Watch and Jewellery consultants have a passion for jewellery and invaluable experience in understanding our customers needs to deliver a truly fabulous shopping experience. Our belief in good old fashioned customer service provides a complimentary personal shopper service to all our customers. Ready to speak to you personally our expert team can help you customise the perfect engagement ring, find that one-of-a-kind gift or source collections for your own private viewing.  


We encourage you to call us and take advantage of this complimentary service, available to you now. Simply call 01539 722333 or click here to email a personal shopping consultant.   


  Free ‘Layaway’ Service  

The Peter George Banks complimentary Layaway service provides our customers the opportunity to choose item/s of jewellery for unique moments such as engagement, wedding or anniversary and have them set aside for a small deposit.  


We appreciate that perfect piece of jewellery is a major purchase but also an enduring investment that can be secured for a minimum 10% of the purchase price, up to 24 months prior to your big day. There is an option to make payments of any size or frequency during the layaway period which will reduce the final payment and we extend an open invitation to change your mind on selection at any time. Should you choose to cancel your service we will refund all monies except on individually designed, bespoke jewellery where a cancellation charge of 25% applies.  



Free Gift Wrapping  


We are delighted to offer complimentary gift wrapping in our luxury signature packaging for the ultimate shopping experience.  


Each gift is beautifully presented in our signature box, nestled on a bed of tissue and elegantly hand-wrapped with folds of silk ribbon, ready for that perfect moment.  


Couples enjoying our complete Wedding Service can have the entourage gifts wrapped in the bridal colours and delivered, without charge, to the event location.  



Free Delivery  


We offer a free local delivery service on all purchased over £500 and define our local area as a 20 mile radius of the Kendal store.  


As well as individual, special items we also offer complimentary delivery on collections of gifts selected from our free Event Gift List and Wedding Solution services.  



Free Diagnosis  


Dust, grease and daily wear will degrade the quality of fine jewellery over time. You can avoid the loss of stones from worn-down prongs and restore the brilliance of gold and platinum to its former glory by bringing your jewellery back to us for professional servicing once a year.  


Our jewellery experts undertake a complimentary diagnostic service to examine, evaluate and report on watches or jewellery pieces, with a specific focus on diamonds. The comprehensive diagnosis will provide recommendations of repair or parts replacement and include an assessment of quality and value where necessary. Our workshops have the knowledge and equipment to restore and repair without compromising the integrity of the piece.  



Free Ring Cleaning  


Peter George Banks Jewellers offer a complimentary cleaning service so your jewellery looks as bright and exquisite as the day you bought it. We also check the stones and pieces for wear and tear without charge.  


Diamond jewellery is especially susceptible to attracting grease and dirt but our Ultra Sound cleaning dislodges these particles leaving your jewellery sparkling clean. Our staff are experienced in all aspects of jewellery cleaning restoring the brilliance of gemstones, gold and platinum. We recommend bringing your fine jewellery back to us once a year for professional servicing. Keep your jewellery in pristine condition by asking in-store for details of our ultrasonic cleaning service.