Privacy Policy

We pride ourselves on our customer service and as such Peter George Banks Jewellers is committed to protecting your privacy. The products you purchase and your billing and delivery details are securely saved on our database, collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. From time to time secure information collected may be used to inform you of offers, sales or promotions. Under no circumstances will we ever pass this information to any third parties. If you would rather not receive such information please inform us by emailing Please note; We do not knowingly collect information on children under 13 years of age. Minors should not send any information about themselves without first obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian. Conflict-Free Diamond Policy Conflict diamonds, sometimes called blood diamonds, are rough, uncut diamonds that are sold to fund the unlawful and illegal operations of rebel, military and terrorist groups. We are committed to supporting and upholding the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. We will only purchase loose polished diamonds from a source that can provide Kimberley Certification. Our suppliers of fine jewellery and watches set with polished diamonds are also asked to confirm their compliance with the process and System of Warranties. At Peter George Banks Jewellers we guarantee that all our diamonds are 100% conflict-free and child labour free. Policy on Dirty Gold Peter George Banks Jewellers actively support the No Dirty Gold Campaign. The ’No Dirty Gold’ Campaign is a consumer awareness program founded jointly by Oxfam and Earthworks, an environmental policy organization that focuses on mining. The campaign is designed to educate consumers about where their precious metals come from, and to encourage them to seek out retailers who sell environmentally sound gold, which is traditionally one of the dirtiest metals to mine and process. Dirty gold has a profound impact on indigenous peoples, Third World economies, women's rights, and the environment. Retailers who participate in the No Dirty Gold Campaign agree to source gold from mining companies that are willing to submit to independent audits to ensure that they do not pollute, displace native communities, infringe worker's rights, or damage delicate ecosystems. At Peter George Banks Jewellers we give a solid guarantee that ALL our gold is ethically mined. Official Sourcing Policy Counterfeit or Replica watches are manufactured for the sole purpose of misleading people into believing that they are the genuine articles. These watches sport the logos and design of the original copyright holder but are in fact made by another party. There are many dubious websites advertising replica watches, the majority of which are out to take your money under false pretences. Replica watches are illegal. The way to ensure you have a genuine brand watch from one of the world’s leading watch houses is to purchase your timepiece from an authorized dealership such as Peter George Banks Jewellers. Official brands come with warranty cards and paperwork completed with serial numbers, the watch reference and the retailers full name and address. Say NO to grey imports and Replica Watches. Diamond Policy At Peter George Banks Jewellers we have 75 years expertise in supplying fine diamonds with the best cut, colour and clarity. Each loose diamond individually selected for its intensity and extraordinary brilliance. Our exacting standards ensure our diamonds are certified by a Gemmological laboratory enabling you to purchase your diamond jewellery with confidence. Our stones are sourced direct from the Diamond Burse or De Beers, the world’s leading Diamond Authority. We guarantee that every diamond has not been artificially enhanced to improve the colour.