Watches and Water

Watches and Water - A guide to Water Resistance in Watches


Water resistance refers to the ability of a watch to withstand splashes of water. Water resistance ratings are listed in depths or pressure. This is usually metres which appear on the watch dial.

A static pressure test is undertaken in laboratory and the depth rating is taken from this.The number of metres shown is often confused with how deep underwater a watch can go when it actually refers to the water pressure the watch can withstand.

Unless a watch is built specifically for deep sea diving, the water resistance feature means that the watch is not designed for prolonged use under water.

A watch marked as water-resistant without any depth indication is designed for accidental splashes only. This would mean, no showering or washing of dishes but perhaps being caught in a light rain shower. 

A watch for professional diving would show as 100bar or 100metres water resistance. A watch for swimming needs to show a 50bar water resistance. 

Naturally a leather strap on a watch will deteriorate faster than a metal strap and we suggest always rinsing your watch in fresh water after being in the sea.