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Our wide ranging portfolio of watch brands includes collections from some of the world's leading watch houses. Buying a luxury watch is a big commitment. To help purchase your perfect watch we have a few tips to guide you. 




Is a fine wristwatch a good investment? 

A question we are often asked is whether a luxury wristwatch can be an investment. Our answer is always the same. Yes, a good watch can be a solid investment. The reason that some watches go up in value is because manufacturers of watches mostly raise the prices on their watches each year or some discontinue producing a particular luxury watch, raising the value of the timepiece. 

So, whether you are considering buying a watch for yourself or a gift for someone special, a luxury watch is always a smart purchase. Those with a passion for watches know the skill and design that goes into the production of a watch is what sets it apart. 


The Perfect Gift  

For some people, a luxury timepiece is a status symbol often made of precious metals and sometimes adorned with diamonds and jewels. For centuries, watches have been viewed as fine works of art and perceived as much more than a simple timepiece. Whether simple or elegant, the precision, engineering and production of a luxury watch puts it in a category all its own and is definitely a prized possession. Since luxury watches are always considered special they unquestionably make the enduringly perfect gift every time with high quality fine timepieces often being handed down from one generation to another. Given that different watches fit different occasions and personalities, it’s often a good idea to have an assortment of fine watches from highly credible watchmakers such as Breitling, Tag Hauer, Rado or Ebel for life’s varied occasions. 


Different Types of Timepieces 

When choosing a watch, you want to know how to choose one that will endure the test of time. However, before making the choice, it is useful to know what makes a watch tick. Basic timepieces fall under the headings of mechanical, quartz, automatic and Swiss quartz technology. At this point, you may be wondering if it’s the accuracy of a watch that has anything to do with its value. In truth, expensive, collectible watches are more valuable based on their workmanship and appeal rather than on their timekeeping abilities. That isn’t to say that a good watch won’t keep good time, but in general, mechanical movement watches are less accurate than reasonably priced quartz watches. Generally speaking, the accuracy of a watch has little to do with its value. Those who have a passion for watches know that the skill and design that goes into the production of a watch is what sets it apart. 


Mechanical, Quartz or Automatic Watches 

To help you appreciate the beauty of luxury watches as both a fashion statement as well as the movements used, there are many different types of watches to consider before choosing the one that is right for you. Fine watches are usually created around older mechanical technology and have existed for centuries. These types of watches last for decades and never require a battery. Usually, the more mechanical a watch, the more it is going to be worth. In today’s market, the choices for luxury watches fall under the category of Chronograph, Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic, Jewel Movement and Perpetual Calendar.  

·         Quartz technology has gained in popularity over the years as it keeps time efficiently. The way quartz technology works, is that it passes a constant electric current through a quartz crystal and vibrates at a steady frequency. Swiss Quartz movements are the most accurate and reliable timepieces and have the greatest advantage when it comes to costs.  

·         The chronograph watch breaks down time into hours, minutes and seconds and is often used in competitive sporting activities. Other watches in this category offer moon phases and calendars complete with dates and years.  

·         The majority of watches that cost less than £1,000.00 usually use quartz movements, but the most sought after watches are automatic watches. Automatic watches are mechanical, but driven by human movement. They work so well that if cared for properly, automatic watches will last for generations to come. 


What Gives a Watch Value? 

The more timekeeping tasks a watch provides and the more complex the degree of engineering that goes into the watch, the more value there is to the watch. When you consider that some luxury watches sell for thousands upon thousands of pounds and can often cost more than a car, it’s obvious that their expense is due to the level of complication. The degree of complication is what gives a watch its greatest value. Since luxury watches are created from in-depth science and mathematics, complicated mechanisms are what make a quality timepiece so valuable.  


How to Choose the Right Watch 

Before making a purchase of a luxury watch, it’s best to consider how it’s going to be used. Is it going to be an every day watch, a dress watch, or a high activity watch? If you’re planning on using your luxury watch during a scuba diving excursion, naturally, you would want a watch that will hold up well under water. Or, if you’re going to be using your watch every day for work, then you want a watch that fits your day-to-day lifestyle. And of course, if you want the watch for dressy occasions, than you’ll pick one that has a unique style. In other words, if you’re seeking a casual every day watch, choose one that’s going to feel comfortable on the wrist. If the watch you’re choosing is for a more formal appearance, then consider a diamond or gemstone watch, as it will go well with the attire for a special occasion. If your desire is for a watch used for a heavy-duty activity such as diving or skiing, you want a watch that is sturdy and has high water resistance making it more durable. 


Getting Ready to Shop for a Luxury Watch 

Summary: As you prepare to shop for that special new luxury watch, ask yourself a few general questions that will lead you in the right direction. When do you plan to wear the watch? Will you be wearing it for active sports, dressy affairs or for work? And how much do you want to spend? All these questions will help you in making the right decision for your needs. Remember though, whatever luxury watch you select, you will be choosing something that will be with you for a long time to come. So, while there are many watches on the market and many of them very inexpensive, a luxury watch is just that: a luxury watch. Luxury equates with opulence, which means a luxury watch is going to command a higher price.  


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Watch Collectors Club 



Something to ‘Watch’ Out For…Watch Collectors 

The joy of collecting anything is a very special experience, as it includes the seeking, locating and acquiring of something that not only brings great satisfaction, but also is of great interest to many people. Watch collecting is no exception. For the person with an interest in watches, looking at the array of watches on the Internet or even in the window of a watch shop is almost irresistible. Seeing the display of luxury watches, styles, and cutting edge timepieces created by the finest watch manufacturers can be just as exciting to a watch collector as it is to someone who collects expensive cars. And with so many beautiful watches to choose from and so many different types of mechanisms and engineering involved, is it any wonder that people want to have an assortment of watches to look at, enjoy and to use.  


Why Do People Collect Luxury Watches?  

At one time, it seemed that men were the more serious about watch collecting, while women mostly wore their timepieces to tell time and use as a fashion statement. But, times have changed. Nowadays, women have also been bitten with the watch-collecting bug and are now buying and collecting multiple luxury timepieces. What’s behind the desire to have a collection of watches and why is watch collecting becoming more and more popular? One reason for the surge in popularity regarding the collecting of luxury watches is due to the wide assortment of extraordinary watches and the fascination people have with the latest styles, mechanisms and movements. And today, many watch manufacturers are creating such exquisite timepieces that it makes people want to own several fine watches.  


Becoming a Watch Collector 

If you’re considering becoming a watch collector, start by taking your time before making choices. Don’t rush right out immediately by buying a watch just because it appeals to you, but instead gather data about watches before making a selection. The reason? Some novice collectors purchase luxury watches on a whim, but it’s better to develop a collection slowly as you gain insight into the watch making industry. The more information you have, the better your choices of luxury watches, and the more likely your watch will become a lasting addition to your collection. It is therefore recommended that you seek out informational resources that provide you with the details you need to know about watches and collectors, our watch experts are here to advise.  


What Should You Collect? 

Since knowing what to collect can be a bit overwhelming, as a newbie collector you might initially start by choosing one watch for work, one for sporting activities, one for dressing up and one that’s more casual. Or you might begin collecting by developing a ‘type’ of collection. For example, you might consider different types of movement watches, which involves the engineering of a watch. Other collectors choose watch ‘styles’ which of course is what makes the watch so appealing. To help in your decision, you can also seek out publications that focus on luxury watches, which additionally provides a wealth of information. If you’re just starting out as a collector, you might also want to join in with others who are also watch collectors. It’s always fun to talk with those collectors who have a similar interest, plus collectors are usually eager to share information that can help you become more successful in your collection efforts.  


The Joy of Luxury Watch Collecting 

Being a collector of luxury watches can bring a great deal of enjoyment, especially since the collector of today has endless choices. If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t really matter which type of watch collection you choose or where you start, as long as it brings you satisfaction. Most important, a watch collection is an enjoyable hobby, but it is so much more; it is a collection that can be proudly used and enjoyed.  


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